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Dale Woodard, B.S., BC-HIS

Dale Woodard, B.S., BC-HIS


Dale’s passion leverages his entrepreneurial successes, in-depth knowledge of the hearing healthcare field, leadership, consulting and coaching experience as a prominent executive development coach in the healthcare industry.

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The focus of Dale’s work is to develop the Modern Audiology practices through maximizing the patient/professional relationship using techniques that bring both sides into a connection of mutual influence, vulnerability and discovery. In his previous private practice of 23 years, Dale found with radically different changes in thinking, the patient and professional both, find sustainable personal fulfillment. 

He challenges the historical way of doing things, creating new knowledge around patient centered care, and acting to implement those changes taking the professional from a level of losing their identity to their field, to coming alive as a vibrant healer who makes a difference with compassionate care for the patient.

A long-time Minneapolis resident, Dale started and managed a successful practice to become the hearing healthcare industries number one rated provider in the Twin Cities for 12 consecutive years (reported by Twin Cities Consumer’s Checkbook). In this role, he provided consulting services to the Minnesota Department of Health, Health Occupations Program from its introduction to the field, development of licensing, and in the development of regulation and enforcement.

His certifications include, Hearing Instrument Specialist, Certified Coactive Professional Coach, Certified StrengthsFinders Coach, Certified Meyers Briggs Coach, and Certified DiSC Coach. His strengths include excellent listening and communication skills, visionary, imaginative, creative learning and loves sharing practical information that can be applied to improve results. Dale considers himself introspective and intellectually motivated, empathetic, purposeful and is values driven. His values include: Ethics, Meaningful Work/Service, Honesty, Integrity, Autonomy and Spirituality. He thrives on cultivating curiosity, compassion and courage in the face of fear and disruption.

Dale has a B.S. in Business and Marketing, from Metropolitan State University in St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota. His education also includes the Masters program in Counseling through Liberty University. He is a participant in MIT’s u.lab, activating capacity to lean into the emerging future in a time when the most important leadership challenges may have ever occurred. In his spare time, Dale runs marathons, develops and co-leads retreats for GenX and Baby Boomers who are transitioning into their “next thing,” is a certified TRX trainer and spends time with his wife of 35 years.

Micky Lindgren, LPN

Micky Lindgren, LPN

Licensed Practical Nurse

Micky is an extraordinary individual whose life has been marked by incredible adventures and blessings. As a loving mother to a wonderful daughter and two beautiful granddaughters, the family has always been at the center of her world.

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Micky has an unwavering passion for caring for others that has been the driving force behind her remarkable career in nursing. Her journey began at the age of 15 when she was a “Candy Striper” at Abbott Hospital.

Micky attended Minneapolis Vocational Technical Institute after graduating High School where she took the Nursing courses need to attain and achieve her goal as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

Throughout her professional journey, Micky’s career took her to various hospitals across different states. Her ability to forge meaningful connections with those she cared for distinguished her as a true healthcare professional. Her expertise extended beyond hospital settings when she successfully ran a medical clinic, demonstrating her versatility and leadership abilities.

After 46 years in Nursing, she retired.

A year after retirement, at the invitation of Dale Woodard, Micky decided to reenter the workforce, she joined the Modern Acoustics team, with her expertise and wealth of experience in healthcare.

Camille Orr

Camille Orr

Hearing Instrument Specialist Assistant

Camille’s true passions are family and music. She is a wife, mother of three children, and proud grandmother to six grandchildren who bring joy to her life. Music has been a constant companion throughout Camille’s life, providing her with immense joy and self-expression.

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Camille possesses a natural talent for singing and shared this gift with family and community through teaching her children and grandchildren to sing and cantering for her church.

Camille is a dynamic individual who has navigated various roles and experiences throughout her life’s journey. Her professional path started as a file clerk and tele-typist. This led to a career in the field of computer support, where Camille honed her skills and expertise. During her 43-year career in the IT industry, her focus was Information Security and Internet, where she became a respected consultant in the industry.

Recently, at the invitation of Dale Woodard, Camille decided to leave semi-retirement and join the team at Modern Acoustics. She embraces this new opportunity as Dale skillfully teaches her to be the Hearing Instrument Specialist assistant.

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